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Racing to outlet

Today I decided to go to outlet centre in Messancy (a small Belgian town on the border with Luxembourg) for shopping. On my way I was going to buy a train ticket to Reims for tomorrow, at the automate at Gare Central. That was my initial plan, which, as usually, didn't work out.

The ticket automate was broken. It didn't react on my attempts to enter the name of the station. *£$%!!! Tomorrow morning I need to go to Reims, I can buy my ticket only today and the only place where I can do it (without the automate) is France. I glanced at my watches - 12:48. The next train to the border departs at 12:52.

12:53, I'm sitting in the train direction Rodange with my bike. When I'm gonna do shopping if I have to cycle to France now? The next half an hour I spent thinking about what I will do with the French railways))

At 13:30 I arrived to Rodange, the border with France (nice place, in my first visit, 2 years ago, I wanted to cycle to France, but didn't find it and came mistakenly to Belgium). From here my racing began. It took me 30 min to get to Longwy. Although the road sign indicates 2km, in fact I also need to ride through both villages, so the real distance between 2 Gares is 8km.


In Longwy I've got my ticket to Reims. One way, because I discovered that I've run out of money:) Without wasting time, I cycled back to Rodange. I had no clue how to get to Clemency, the village from where I was initially planning to ride to Messancy. The only thing I knew - I have to get there as soon as possible, it's 15h now and the outlet works until 19h. On the Gare a man on duty advised me to take a bus from Petange, a neighbour village.

Petange, 15:15. When I asked a man in the ticket office, he told that the next bus to Clemency will be in 30 min.
- Do you have a map of the region? I think, by bike I'll get there quicker.
- Well, it's 9km. I can print out the map for you.

He gave me the map with cycling path marked on it, and I continued my racing. Until I found Fischer bakery in 500m :)
After a quick coffee I followed the path on the map. Soon, with a great happiness, I saw a sign of the national bike path 12, direction Clemency! Great!!! I've no need to ride on a road with cars!

It took me 1h to get to Clemency, and 20 min more to get out of there. What I hate in Luxembourg, the road signs are not consistent with the roads. I turned where it was written Messancy, and found myself in a dead end among houses... fail))


Eventually, I've found the right way. The road was pretty good for Belgium, and by 17:20 I've finally arrived to the shopping centre. Wet, because of the rain, but not completely wet, because of my rain coat :)

Shopping happened, I've bought new jeans) In the last shop a security guy reached me (dialogue was in French):

- Is it your bike there?
- Yes.
- It's not allowed to park in the middle of the shopping centre.
- But there was no bike parking...
- There is, right near the entrance.
- Oh, sorry, I didn't see. It's only 30 min before the closing of the outlet, can I leave it there? Next time I'll use the parking.
- Ok.


Actually, it wasn't parked that bad) Anyway, it's 19h20, I'm done with the shopping, and now I need to get to the Grand Duchy as soon as possible, preferably before the dusk.

I arrived to Clemency 3 min before the bus (as usually). It was the end of my racing for today. For the whole day I cycled about 40 km. Tomorrow will be another journey. I will go to Reims, again with my bike. Let's see what adventures I'll find there! ;)

Tags: travelling, velo, Бельгия
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